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The following is my introduction to a controversial but important book by the Russian Anthroposophist Gennady Bondarev.

These next pages are excerpts from the English translation of that same book.

Here is a link to a page from Willy Lochmann's website, listing, among others, texts from (almost) the whole of this book by Bondarev, in English.
(not Chpt. 15)

Wrestling with the Sevenfold Dialectic:

The following are posts I made to various e-list over the past few years. I have left these posts as they were, except for a few formatting changes and minor corrections. I still have not read all of Bondarev's book on Steiner's The Philosophy of Freedom. Over the past few years my most serious Anthroposophical efforts have been directed toward trying to understand the "sevenfold dialectic".
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Here are another couple of e-list posts that I thought should reach a wider readership.

Considering the Work of Robert Powell:
November 3, 2008

How many Paths?
January 17, 2006

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